Brian Varela

Brian Varela is on a quest to find the solutions. Not just answers or the unreliable wishes of one extreme or another but solutions. Solutions to the situations that he has personally experienced as the son of immigrant parents, as a native New Jerseyan, as a serial entrepreneur, and that he heard from countless community members as an advocate and Congressional candidate. With the foundation instilled by his parents of hard work, discipline, and respect for everyone, from the sanitation worker to the Senator, Brian relentlessly drove his education, embraced opportunities, and invested his time and energy to improve his own life, to support his family, and to build his community. A deep believer that a rising tide should raise all boats, Brian is on a mission to not just find effective solutions balancing the extreme views but moving past the assumptions of the far left and right to find the insights and ideas that offer real, sustainable, and equitable change. A deep believer in the promise of America while understanding, like Madison, that the promise takes compromise, the ability to change, and the civic responsibility of citizens to become a reality. Join Brian on this journey to ask the needed questions, challenge the predominant voices, and amplify the silenced to find solutions that can move us closer to that promise.